Solving Time Complexity Issue in Copy-Move Forgery Detection Thru Pre-processing Techniques

Siti Fadzlun Md Salleh, Mohd Foad Rohani, Mohd Aizaini Maarof Maarof


Copy-move forgery detection (CMFD) has become a popular an important research focus in digital image forensic. Copy-move forgery happens when a region in an image is copied and paste into the same image. Apart from the main problem of detection robustness and accuracy, CMFD is struggle with time complexity issue. One of the options to resolve this problem was by including pre-processing step in CMFD pipeline. This paper reviews on the importance of pre-processing step, and available techniques in reducing time complexity of copy-move forgery detection. An experiment using discrete wavelet transform (DWT) as a pre-processing technique was carried out to evaluate the performance of adopting pre-processing technique in CMFD pipeline. The experimental result has shown a significant reduction in processing time with some trade off to detection accuracy.


Copy-move forgery, time complexity, pre-processing, duplicate region detection, discrete wavelet transform

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