User Behavior for Neural Network-based Web Search Results Filtering


  • Essam F. Alnatsheh Dept. of Informatics Engineering, College of Engineering, AMA International University, Salmabad, Kingdom of Bahrain



Search results filtering, browsing behavior analysis, machine learning, reinforcement learning


This paper describes methodology and performance of an experimental research on filtering of web search results. Filtering was performed on the basis of predicted relevance of search results derived from users’ implicit feedback. The feedback was obtained from users’ web browsers and consisted of a set of browsing behavioral metrics, including reading time, clicks on links, mouse pointer and wheel movement patterns, bookmarking, sharing, copying, and whether the search was continued after the page was closed. A multi-layer neural network used to infer from the behaviors how much the user was interested in each filtered document. Neural network, therefore, performed deep learning without human supervision. Predicted relevance measure was compared to the explicit feedback. Obtained results of 89% correct relevance rating prediction suggest that selected set of metrics was successful in terms of correctly predict how relevant the web page was for the user involved in the study. More research is recommended for further advances of information filtering methods. 




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Alnatsheh, E. F. (2020). User Behavior for Neural Network-based Web Search Results Filtering. International Journal of Innovative Computing, 10(2).



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