An Improved SQL Injection Attack Detection Model Using Machine Learning Techniques


  • Yazeed Abdulmalik School of Computing, Faculty of Engineering Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia



Web application security, database security, SQL injection attack


SQL Injection Attack (SQLIA) is a common cyberattack that target web application database. With the ever increasing and varying techniques to exploit web application SQLIA vulnerabilities, there is no a comprehensive method that can solve this kind of attacks. Therefore, these various of attack techniques required to establish many methods against in order to mitigate its threats. However, most of these methods have not yet been evaluated, where it is still just theories and require to implement and measure its performance and set its limitation. Moreover, most of the existing SQL injection countermeasures either used syntax-based detection methods or a list of predefined rules to detect the SQL injection, which is vulnerable in advance and sophisticated type of attacks because attackers create new ways to evade the detection utilizing their pre-knowledge. Although semantic-based features can improve the detection, up to our knowledge, no studies focused on extracting the semantic features from SQL stamens. This paper, investigates a designed model that can improve the efficacy of the SQL injection attack detection using machine learning techniques by extracting the semantic features that can effectively indicate the SQL injection attack. Also, a tenfold approach will be used to evaluate and validate the proposed detection model.




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Abdulmalik, Y. (2021). An Improved SQL Injection Attack Detection Model Using Machine Learning Techniques. International Journal of Innovative Computing, 11(1), 53–57.



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