EyeKids: Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring System for Child Safety


  • Raja Zahilah Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Siti Zahidah Zaharan School of Computing, Faculty of Engineering Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 81310 UTM Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia




GPS, GPRS, tracking, cloud, mobile application


EyeKids is a tracking and monitoring system that implements Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for obtaining location data, a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network for data transmission, and a cloud database for storing tracking data with the main purpose of allowing a parent to ensure their child safety remotely. Child safety is the number one priority of any parent. They are concerned about their child’s well-being and wanted to keep an eye on their child’s every movement. This project is meant to provide a solution to the concerned parents. This system includes three main components, a child tracking device, a parent-side application, and a cloud database. The tracking device is built using Arduino Uno Microcontroller Board, SIM808 GPS/GPRS/GSM module, and a push button. The tracking device sends its device ID, latitude, and longitude to the PHP server first using an HTTP request before it goes through the uploading process on the server to Firebase Database via HTTPS. Mobile EyeKids Parent-side application is based on Android where it is developed using the Flutter framework and implements Firebase Authentication for user authentication. The application consists of three main tracking functions, tracker, path tracking, and tracking analysis. The tracker function allows parents to track their child’s location based on the coordinate obtained which is displayed on a map. Path tracking functions show paths taken by children throughout a selected day on the map. Parents also are able to view analysis of child movement based on tracking data stored in the cloud database. The integration of hardware and software components of the system is evaluated to assess the correctness of the system through white box testing, black box testing, and user acceptance testing. The project follows a Rational Unified Process development model that has been adjusted to suit the size of the project and its requirements. The project has successfully developed and tested to be able to track child movement when the device is turned on and provide child location reports on a monthly basis.




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Zahilah, R. ., & Zaharan, S. Z. (2022). EyeKids: Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring System for Child Safety . International Journal of Innovative Computing, 12(2), 1–8. https://doi.org/10.11113/ijic.v12n2.311



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