3D Display for 3D Telepresence: A Review


  • Fazliaty Edora Fadzli
  • Muhammad Nur Affendy Nor’a
  • Ajune Wanis Ismail


Over the years, people have tried to advance 3D display technology and researchers as well as developers have created different innovations in recent decades. there are many other different types of 3D display technology that can be classified into stereoscopic, autostereoscopic, holographic and volumetric 3D displays. This paper, however, discusses the 3D display technology that have been implemented in the telepresence system, which can be divided into two main devices, projectors and head mounted display (HMD). From these two devices, the 3D display technology using projector device are on-stage hologram, autostereoscopic display, and holographic projection; while for HMD can be divided into MR headset and VR HMD. This paper provides a review on these 3D display for telepresence. Finally, we make comparison based on the features of the 3D display technologies.



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Fadzli, F. E., Nor’a, M. N. A. ., & Ismail, A. W. . (2021). 3D Display for 3D Telepresence: A Review . International Journal of Innovative Computing, 12(1). Retrieved from https://ijic.utm.my/index.php/ijic/article/view/318



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