Development of Breast Cancer Ontology Based on Hybrid Approach


  • Fatimatufaridah Jusoh
  • Roliana Ibrahim
  • Mohd Shahizan Othman
  • Norshafarina Omar



Cancer can be defined as uncontrolled growth of the cells in the human body and can cause in death if the spread is uncontrollable. As the huge amount of breast cancer data available, the integration of data from difference sources becomes one of the challenges in healthcare. The increasing number of data will make the data disorganised, hard to acquire information and share knowledge from a huge database. In recent years, ontology has become more visible within healthcare area. Ontology is a new method designed to improve data integration in a complex database. Ontology integrates and extracts the data from difference sources. There are three ontology methods for data integration, which are single ontology method, multi-ontology method and hybrid ontology method. Hybrid ontology method is a better method as compared to single ontology and multi-ontology. Therefore, this study focused on data integration based on hybrid ontology approach for breast cancer.




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Jusoh, F., Ibrahim, R., Othman, M. S., & Omar, N. (2013). Development of Breast Cancer Ontology Based on Hybrid Approach. International Journal of Innovative Computing, 3(1).



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