New Proposed Mixed Transforms: CAW and FAW and Their Application in Medical Image Classification


  • Maryam I Mousa Al-Khuzaay Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies Iraqi Commission for Computer and Informatics Baghdad, Iraq
  • Waleed A. Mahmoud Al-Jawher Uruk University Baghdad, Iraq





The transformation model plays a vital role in medical image processing. This paper proposed new two Mixed Transforms models that are the hybrid combination of linear and nonlinear Transformations techniques. The first mixed transform is computed in three steps: calculate 2D discrete cosine transform (DCT) of the image, and applying Arnold Transform (AT) on the DCT coefficients, and applying the discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) on the result to get which was abbreviated as (CAW). The second mixed transform consists of firstly computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT), net applying the Arnold Transform (AT), and finally, the computation of discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) which was abbreviated as (FAW). These transforms have superior directional representations as compared to other multiresolution representations such as DWT or DCT and work as non-adaptive mixed transformations for multi-scale object analysis. Due to their relationship to the wavelet idea, they are finding increasing use in areas like image processing and scientific computing. These transforms are tested in medical image classification task and their performances are compared with that of the traditional transforms. CAW and FAW transforms are used in the feature extraction stage of a classification VGG16 deep learning (DNN) task of Tumor MRI medical image. The numerical findings favor CAW and FAW over the wavelet transform for estimating and classifying pictures. From the results obtained it was shown that the CAW and FAW transform gave e much higher classification rate than that achieved with the traditional transforms, namely DCT, DFT and DWT. Furthermore, this combination leads to a family of directional and multi-transformation bases for image processing.




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Mousa Al-Khuzaay, M. I., & Mahmoud Al-Jawher, W. A. (2023). New Proposed Mixed Transforms: CAW and FAW and Their Application in Medical Image Classification. International Journal of Innovative Computing, 13(1-2), 15–21.