WAM 3D Discrete Chaotic Map for Secure Communication Applications


  • Ali Akram Abdul-Kareem Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics Information Institute for Postgraduate Studies Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Waleed Ameen Mahmoud Al-Jawher Uruk University Baghdad, Iraq




Chaotic systems have become widely adopted as an effective way for secure data communications, because of its simple mathematical complexity and good security. The relationship between encryption algorithms and chaos systems has gained a lot of attention in the past few years, since it avoids the data spreading as well as lower the transmission delay and costs. In this paper a novel 3D discrete chaotic map is proposed for data encryption and secure communication and named as WAM. For secure communication, the Pecora and Carroll (P-C) method was utilized to achieve synchronization between the master system and the slave system. The simulation results of WAM 3D discrete chaotic map showed that the system has a chaotic behavior and a characteristic randomness and can pass 0-1, Lyapunov exponent (LE) and NIST tests which are usually used to check chaotic behavior. The statistical outcomes of the LE test were 0.0193, the frequency test (FT) was 0.4237, and the run test (RT) yielded a value of 0.0607. As a result, it enrich the theoretical basis of the equations and implementation of chaos, and it is superior for encryption algorithms and communication security applications.




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Abdul-Kareem, A. A., & Mahmoud Al-Jawher, W. A. (2023). WAM 3D Discrete Chaotic Map for Secure Communication Applications. International Journal of Innovative Computing, 13(1-2), 45–54. https://doi.org/10.11113/ijic.v13n1-2.419