Context-aware Architecture Using Mobile Phone Simulator: a case study of an institution


  • Fatai Idowu Sadiq
  • Ali Selamat
  • Roliana Ibrahim



Mobile phones nowadays are ubiquitous with ourdaily activities and the sensing ability of the device inspired us topropose context aware services to users in the academicenvironment. This paper presents the concept of a context awaresolution using a proposed architecture from a theoreticalperspective. The context-aware solution is a notification thatdelivers a text or call about certain information dissemination onevents or activities that occurs as a result of unforeseencircumstances or situational changes in the institution on theirmobile phones. The process is activated by a pop-up from theproxy server through the mobile portal database. This is followedup by a reminder from the server when necessary. This paperoffers solution to a perennial problem that normally occur fromtraditional method of bill board or notice board placement ofevent such as examination time table or course schedule, asmeans of information dissemination to lecturers and students inthe institution. The approach was simulated with phonesimulator, and results shown to lecturers and students aspresented in the paper were satisfactory.




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Sadiq, F. I., Selamat, A., & Ibrahim, R. (2014). Context-aware Architecture Using Mobile Phone Simulator: a case study of an institution. International Journal of Innovative Computing, 4(1).



Software Engineering