@article{Neu Jan Tan @ Atan_Kadir_2020, title={Case Study and Cooperative Learning in Cryptography Course}, volume={10}, url={https://ijic.utm.my/index.php/ijic/article/view/276}, DOI={10.11113/ijic.v10n2.276}, abstractNote={<p>Cryptography is one of the important components in data and telecommunications, it is important when communicating over any entrusted medium, which includes just about any network, particularly the Internet. It is also one of the important courses in Information Technology courses. For now, students seem to be hard to understands because they are lack of interest in learning this course. This problem is caused by their awareness towards the application and the usage of cryptography. In this study, a different approach will be used to open the students’ eyes towards the importance cryptography and the usage of cryptography application in their daily life to increase their interest in cryptography along with their understandings in cryptography. This study will focus on an approach that will improve the teaching interest and their understanding of the student by using case study and student-centered learning approach which is the cooperative learning approach. A case study is developed to carry out the tasks that will make the students realized the importance of cryptography. In order to make sure that the students’ get better understanding towards cryptography, the cooperative learning practice will be implemented. At the end of this study, the result from the implementation of the case study and cooperative learning will be analyzed and evaluated. The tasks of the cooperative learning practice will be identified in this study and the effectiveness of the practice will be measure based on the tasks given. Finally, the effectiveness will be evaluated after the given tasks is finished. This evaluation will be the final result of this study whether the implementation of case study and cooperative learning practice is effective than traditional teaching method or vice versa.</p>}, number={2}, journal={International Journal of Innovative Computing}, author={Neu Jan Tan @ Atan, Nazrin Amirul and Kadir, Rashidah}, year={2020}, month={Nov.} }